Why kiwi from Europe?

Europe is not easily associated with cultivation of exotic fruits. Or is it?

Did you know that Italy, Greece and France are among the biggest kiwi-producing countries worldwide?

Kiwis from Europe are exported to over 51 countries worldwide.

Kiwis from Europe are known for their superior quality which is the result of strict production procedures regulated by the European Union’s quality standards. Continuous monitoring of kiwi orchards, oversight of harvesting by agricultural experts, and determination of the right stage of ripeness for the desired values of sugars and dry matter ensure the high quality of the fruit.


Consumers who choose kiwis from Europe know that they are choosing a fruit of exceptional quality and superior taste.

The kiwis are harvested at the end of October and early November, making sure that the fruits have gained all the necessary sugars.

The main kiwi variety produced is Hayward (light brown skin color/ bright green flesh with edible seeds). The average size is 70-130gr.

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