Agricultural Cooperative NESTOS

The agricultural cooperative of Nestos was founded in 1988 to develop the cultivation of asparagus and the joint disposal of the products. Asparagus was a newcomer crop species for our country at that time. The development of a crop area has been rapid and successful. In 2004 the cooperative expanded its activity by introducing the cultivation of kiwi to its members.

The cooperative currently lists 120 members.

The agricultural cooperative of Nestos managed within a few years to gain recognition in European and international markets for the quality of its products and as a result the production volume increased and found its way out in the market. During the progress of the operation of the unit it was found that the needs and demands of the market that the agricultural cooperative of Nestos had to meet  in order to ensure its viability, had risen sharply.

The cooperative is a member of the Asparagus Institute for Research and Development and participates as a member of it in all international exhibitions of Fruits and Vegetables.

The construction of the Packaging- Sorting Facilities of the Fresh Horticultural Products owned by the agricultural cooperative of “NESTOS” began in 2003 on a private land of a total area of 23,144.00 square meters located on the 5th km of Chrysoupoli-Keramoti of Municipality of Nestos,of Kavala region.


5th Km Chrisoupolis – Keramoti, Kavala, P.C. 64200, Greece

tel: +30 25910 62140

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