Goustera serves the European market with fresh produce from Greece. Our main area of production is in the north, in particular the region of Kavala/Nestos. The producers from the Kavala/Nestos region, have gone into partnership with Goustera now making it possible for them to enter the international markets. Goustera is a responsible contact source for this highly interesting region, as it becomes more accessible to the international markets. Customers both on the domestic and international markets benefit from Goustera as a source to ensure high quality, certified produce.

Furthermore, the company run by the Loutigkas family  promote and expand organic farming in the area. Good advice, the distribution of biological and organic aids and resources, as well as training programmes in organic farming and environmental technology, will strengthen a region which tends to be structurally weak, and opens the doors to first class products for international traders.

At the moment Goustera is selling kiwis, pomgranates, melons, grapes, kakis and goji berries from farms in the region. The fruit is sorted, stored and packed locally by Goustera, and undergoes continual quality control checks. We will offer more products in the future if there is a demand.

Optimal conditions: extremely fertile land seated between mountains and the sea, hot summers, enough water, high humidity, significant temperature fluctuations during harvesting time and short hard winters.

Guaranteed organic quality: certified organic production, constantly monitored by the independent Fysiologiki Association; added to this, ecologically sound agricultural techniques such as green manuring and droplet irrigation.

Quality rather than quantity: No artificial fertilizers, no pesticides (therefore a reduction in crop yields and more work intensive eg. combatting weeds). There are ”Safety zones” to provide distance from neighbouring conventional farmland, and the planting of Cypress and Thuja hedges as well as using vines as a natural protection against drifting pesticides.

Although Goustera’s main products are kiwi fruit and pomegranates, we are happy to deliver a choice of fruit, some of them also in organic quality. Of course, our products come in a range of size and quality categories.

Kiwis – the Hayward and Tsechelidis varieties

Pomegranates – the wonderful and Akko varieties

Persimmons – eg. sharon fruit

Grapes – the Italia, Victoria and Thomson varieties



Goji berries

As a member of the “Fysiologiki” Association, Goustera is certified by an EU organic inspection body, in both areas of agriculture and processing. Organic products are only bought in from growers who possess the organic certification of the various associations.

In order to reach optimal after-ripening, the harvesting time is agreed with the growers. At each delivery, we do random checks in our own laboratory. Storage is under constant scientific monitoring to guarantee a high standard of quality.

The Produce of our farmers who follow conventional methods are certified by Global G.A.P. as well as our packing house

Goustera is ISO 22000 / HACCP certified.

Goustera Technology and Building Methods

Goustera puts a high priority on modern facilities that meet the requirements of international partners, and ensure the quality of the fruit throughout the whole process. The companies BIENTER and EUROKAT helped as in the period of building to reach a high level.

Environmentally friendly location: The Goustera buildings and facilities are situated on an industrial estate not far from the cultivation areas owned by the company, with good transport links to the motorway, the airport and the new sea-trading port. The fertile land is protected and urban sprawl is avoided.

Modern technology: An Italian-made sorting plant is able to sort up to 9 tons of fruit an hour, via 13 gates.

Performance and environmental protection: The fruit is cooled in computer-operated cold storage rooms with a capacity of up to 900 tons. The most up-to-date standards (controlled atmosphere, ethylene burners, etc.) as well as the environmentally friendly refrigerant 507 guarantee fresh and uncontaminated fruit.

Fun fact: According to the local dialect in our region of northern Greece ”Goustera” means lizard. Lizards are still plentiful in our area – at least, in the places where nature is still nature. We often see them in our vegetable garden, where they help us by eating the all too greedy insects. They are a symbol for us. For the healthy balance of nature, for flexibility,  mobility,  and for resilience.


Block 21, Industrial Area of Kavala, 64200, Greece



tel: +30 2510 361363

fax: +30 2510 361372

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